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Advantages and disadvantages of various wallpapers

Time:2018-04-20 16:39:29 Source: TianJinSheng

Wallpapers can be divided into multiple categories depending on the substrate, surface material, and manufacturing process. The common wallpaper products on the market today are: plain paper wallpaper, PVC wallpaper, non-woven paper wallpaper, fabric wallpaper, cloth-based wallpaper, gold foil wallpaper, glass fiber wallpaper, and paper wallpaper, diatomaceous earth wallpaper, and the like. They all have their own characteristics, each wallpaper has its advantages and disadvantages, the following, Xiao Bian for everyone to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of these types of wallpaper.
Plain paper wallpaper
Paper as base material, embossed after printing, vivid pictures, clear colors Advantages: good environmental protection, not easy to edge, strong air permeability, not easy to mold. Disadvantages: water resistance, scrub resistance is relatively weak
PVC wallpaper
The paper surface is made of polyvinyl chloride resin, which is rich in variety and color. Advantages: Flexible, abrasion-resistant, scrubable, acid and alkali resistant, and acoustic insulation. Disadvantages: airtight, heavy in taste, low in environmental protection
Non-woven wallpaper
Non-woven fabric as base material, printed on the pattern, pure color, visual comfort, lighter shades Advantages: flexible, not easy to age and break, good ventilation and moisture resistance Disadvantages: less color, mostly solid color
Fabric wallpaper
The surface is covered with fabric fibers or natural materials to give people an elegant, soft and comfortable feeling. Good texture, good air permeability, easy to accumulate dust, and difficult to clean
Bougainvillea Wallpaper
The PVC surface layer on the fabric substrate is more natural than the texture. The texture and fabric are close to each other. Advantages: The tensile strength is 5 times that of ordinary wallpaper. Disadvantages: poor air permeability
Gold foil wallpaper
The paper is printed with metal (gold, silver, copper, platinum, etc.) to give people a feeling of resplendent and magnificent. Advantages: Good resistance
Disadvantages: The whole piece of the wall may be cheesy
Diatomaceous earth wallpaper
The raw paper is made of diatom mud, and the paper surface is rough and dull. The appearance is elegant. The advantages are: strong abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, and good permeability. Disadvantages: The paper surface is hard and brittle and easily broken. Surface contamination after cleaning is not easy to clean
Glass fiber wallpaper
With alkali glass fiber as the substrate, the surface is coated with a wear-resistant resin Colorful advantages: anti-corrosion, moisture, washable, simple construction, easy to paste and other features Disadvantages: glass fiber on the skin and respiratory tract irritation
And paper wallpaper
The combination of natural color rice paper and paper base is simple and natural, elegant and elegant. Advantages: very durable, and both waterproof and fireproof. Disadvantages: After the surface pollution, the dirt is not easy to remove
Each kind of wallpaper has its own specific function, and the wallpaper used in different places is not the same.

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