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Wallpaper base paper introduction

Time:2018-04-20 15:47:43 Source: TianJinSheng

Wallpaper base paper introduction
1. Definition
Wallpaper base is a kind of raw paper for processing wall decoration materials. The wallpaper base paper uses 100% bleached chemical wood pulp as raw material. It is beaten in free form, lightly sized, and filled with less filler. It is copied into paper on a Fourdrinier paper machine. Wallpaper base paper is a web with a basis weight of 80 g/m2 or 90 g/m2. Requires a higher degree of tightness and whiteness, and a certain degree of resistance to cracking, water resistance and wet strength.
Wallpaper, also known as wallpaper, English Wall Paper or Wallpaper, it is a widely used interior decoration materials. Because wallpapers are characterized by various colors, rich patterns, luxurious style, safety and environmental protection, convenient construction, and reasonable prices, and other characteristics that cannot be matched by other interior decoration materials, they have been widely used in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Japan, and other developed countries and regions. .
Ambiguity: Wallpaper is easy to confuse with a table cloth (a picture set on a computer desktop), which is often referred to as "wallpaper." Searching the web for "Wallpaper" or "Wallpaper" will search for decorative wallpaper and tablecloths.
The wallpaper is a new type of wall decoration material. The wallpaper is an interior decoration material that is coated with PVC on the paper base and processed through printing, embossing and other processes. It is rich in color, strong in texture, rich in patterns, and green. Elegant and superior decorative effect, different from other wall decoration materials. Wallpaper classification and introduction
2, classification
Wallpaper is divided into different types of substrates: paper wallpaper, PVC wallpaper, foam wallpaper, non-woven paper, fabric wallpaper, cloth based wallpaper, gold platinum wallpaper, and special wallpaper.
3, indicator requirements
1, soaking stretch rate: refers to the size of the paper fiber swelling after soaking in water and before soaking, domestic paper soaking water expansion rate is generally 2% -3%.
2, basis weight (gram weight): 80g/m2-100g/m2
3, cover rate: paper cover the extent of the wall traces.
4, the main purpose
Used to paste decorative paper or cloth in the room wall. Wallpaper and wallpaper are the same concept. Wallcloth and wallpaper are also the same concept. It is customary to classify wall coverings (wall coverings) made of textiles as surface materials into wallpapers. Therefore, the broad concept of wallpaper includes wallpaper (wallpaper) and wall covering (wall cloth). The wallpaper originated in the United Kingdom. From the appearance of PVC wallpaper in the 1950s, wallpaper began to spread throughout the world.

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