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Wallpaper paper consumption and development prospects

Time:2018-04-20 15:39:18 Source: TianJinSheng

Wallpaper base paper consumption
In 2008, the global wallpaper consumption amounted to 5.285 billion square meters, a year-on-year increase of 1%, of which China was 400 million square meters, a 20% increase from the previous month, and the growth rate was the highest in the world. The total consumption of the world is basically the same, and China has the fastest growth rate, reaching a 20% increase. Compared with the market share of 70-80% in developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan, etc., in China, the usage rate of wallpaper as interior wall decoration material is only 2-3%, the per capita consumption wallpaper is only 0.3 square meters, and Japan At 5.4 square meters, the current popularity of Chinese wallpaper is still low. This shows that the potential of China's wallpaper market is very impressive.
Wallpaper Paper Development and Prospects
According to surveys, the popularity of interior decorative wallpaper in Britain, France, Italy, the United States, and other countries has reached more than 90%, and the penetration rate in Japan has even reached 100%. The wallpaper is very rich in expression. To adapt to different spaces or places, different interests and different price levels, there are many types of wallpapers to choose from.
The financial crisis of 2008-2009 had a very big impact on the wallpaper industry. However, at the same time as the impact of the financial crisis, the market share and sales rate of the overall wallpaper in our country has become more stable. The wallpaper industry is a rapidly expanding industry in the home industry because there are many small and medium-sized companies in the industry. The space for expansion and sales promotion are still very large. In China, the capacity of wallpaper consumption has reached 70-80% in Europe and the United States and 85% in Japan and South Korea. However, China is not even 10%. This 10% is limited to large and medium-sized cities. The vast rural and second-tier and third-tier markets are far from meeting the needs for development and even wide-spread consumption. The development space of China's wallpaper industry is huge, and with the improvement of consumer demand for high quality of life and the development of domestic wallpaper diversity, personalization and fashion, the domestic wallpaper industry will usher in a new development peak.
The wallpaper base paper industry belongs to the emerging specialty paper industry. In recent years, due to factors such as raw materials and labor costs, as well as the ever-increasing level of technical equipment and product quality of wallpaper paper base companies in developing countries and localized advantages, the wallpaper base paper industry has shifted to developing countries. In particular, the paper wallpaper industry in China has developed rapidly in recent years, and the industry scale, technical level, and product quality have rapidly expanded and improved.
Although China's wallpaper base paper industry started relatively late, the high profitability space and broad market prospects have driven the rapid expansion of the entire industry scale. A considerable number of companies, including traditional paper manufacturers, have invested in the wallpaper base paper industry, but due to With high technical threshold and large capital investment, especially after fierce market competition and rapid industrial upgrading in recent years, most small and medium-sized enterprises that produce wallpaper base papers in China have failed to meet quality requirements due to product failure or capital chain breakdown. With the closure or conversion, only low-grade wallpaper base papers can be produced, and a small number of wallpaper base paper production enterprises have gradually formed, and the degree of industrial concentration has gradually increased.

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