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Working principle of fuel filter paper

Time:2020-05-30 10:10:52 Source: TianJinSheng

The general fuel filter uses a star-shaped filter paper folding structure. Inside this type of fuel filter, the folded filter paper is connected to both ends of the plastic or metal filter. After the dirty oil enters, it passes through the layers of the filter outer wall After filtering, the filter paper reaches the center, and clean fuel flows out. This filter paper generally uses corrugated fuel filter paper.
Higher-end engines use high-precision filter paper and spiral fuel filters. Unlike star-shaped fuel filters, the filter paper is wrapped around the center tube. The space utilization rate is high. Within the same space size, it can accommodate a larger The filtering area is generally 3 times that of the star filter. After the dirty oil enters, it directly filters through the filter paper and flows out, and the impurity particles are retained in the filter paper groove. The performance of this fuel filter is more superior, which can make the filtration accuracy of fuel higher.
1. Process ratio:
(1) Rainbow fish coniferous wood pulp 50%;
(2) 50% of Bowater coniferous wood;
(3) Dosage of wet strength agent: 5% (for absolute dry pulp);
(4) Dosage of surface water repellent (6% concentration): 20%
2. Determination of process parameters
In order to take into account the relationship between paper strength, pore size and air permeability, the pulp must be beaten as necessary. Appropriate tapping degree is conducive to ensuring the bonding force between the fibers and reducing the large pore size. After repeated comparisons, we believe that when the pulp tapping degree is 17 ° SR, the various indicators of papermaking are closer to the requirements. The parameters of the pulping are determined to be 17 ° SR and the wet weight is 9-10g.
3. Selection of wrinkle scraper
The wrinkling of the filter paper is mainly to increase the effective filtering area of ​​the filter element, and there are a large number of grooves on the paper to accommodate more dirt and prolong the service life of the filter. Determining the depth of wrinkles is the thickness and angle of the wrinkle blade. After testing the paper pattern actually produced, when the thickness of the wrinkle blade is 1.0 mm and the wrinkle angle is 25 °, the wrinkle depth of the filter paper meets the requirements.
4. Application of water-resistant glue
All other filter papers are coated with water-resistant resin on the surface, so that the finished paper has sufficient strength and water-resistant performance to ensure the subsequent processing of the filter element. However, the high-precision filter paper has been wrinkled before the sizing machine. If the surface sizing technology of the general filter paper is used and the water-resistant rubber material is immersed again, the wrinkle will disappear or become shallow. Therefore, how to apply water-resistant glue on paper has become the technical key to high-precision filter paper production. After many considerations, the surface spraying method was used to apply the water-resistant glue, and good results were achieved.
5. Features of high-precision filter paper:
(1) A high-strength and oil-resistant latex layer is evenly sprayed on the surface of the filter layer, which increases the strength, stiffness and oil resistance of the fuel filter paper, thereby improving its filtration accuracy and life;
(2) The hot air drying method of the drying tunnel is adopted to maintain the permeability and bulk of the filter paper, and the dryness is greatly improved after drying.

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