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Non-woven paper, plain paper, PVC wallpaper features and advantages

Time:2018-04-24 19:42:18 Source: TianJinSheng

Non-woven paper wallpaper, also known as non-woven paper wallpaper, is currently the most popular new green environmental protection wallpaper material.
Non-woven paper wallpaper is made of non-woven natural fabric fibers such as cotton and hemp. The industry is known as “breathing wallpaper” and is currently the most popular new type of green environmental protection material in the world. It is harmless to the human body and the environment, and it fully complies with environmental and safety standards.
Non-woven paper, plain paper, PVC wallpaper features and advantages
Written in 2014, different from current market conditions, content knowledge is no problem
Pure Paper Wallpaper Features and Benefits
The water resistance of plain paper wallpaper is relatively weak. It is best not to overflow the surface during construction. If it overflows, do not wipe it. Use a clean sponge or towel to try it. If pure starch glue is used, it can be brushed lightly after the glue is completely dry. Pure paper wallpaper is divided into two types:
1, the original wood pulp paper - raw wood pulp as raw material, the beater molding, surface printing. The relative toughness of this type of wallpaper is relatively good, the surface is relatively smooth, and the proportion of single square meters is relatively heavy.
2. Recycled paper - Recyclables are used as raw materials, which are beaten, filtered and purified. The toughness of this type of paper is relatively weak, and the surface is mostly foamed or semi-foamed. The proportion of single square meters is relatively light. Pure paper wallpaper belongs to the type of natural environmental protection material wallpaper. More suitable for home use, especially children's room.
PVC Wallpaper Features and Benefits
PVC wallpaper, also known as pvc wallpaper, plastic wallpaper, is a common wallpaper on the market. PVC is a high-molecular polymer. The wallpaper used to decorate the wall surface with this material is pvc wallpaper. The surface of PVC wallpaper is mainly made of polyvinyl chloride resin, mainly in the following three ways:
1. Ordinary type - 80g/m2 paper is used as paper base, and 100g/m2 PVC resin is applied on the surface. The surface decoration method is usually a combination of printing, embossing, or printing and embossing.
2. Foaming type - 100g/m2 paper is used as paper base, and the surface is coated with 300-400g/m2 PVC resin. According to the size of the expansion ratio, there are low foaming and high foaming, respectively. The surface of high-foaming wallpaper is elastic and has a certain sound-absorbing effect.
3, functional type - which waterproof wallpaper is a glass fiber cloth as a substrate, can be used to decorate the bathroom, bathroom wall; fireproof wallpaper is 100-200g / square meters of asbestos paper as the substrate, and in the PVC surface material Incorporate flame retardants.
※ The following classification can be done according to the process
(1) PVC-coated wallpaper (based on pure paper, non-woven paper, or woven fabric) (The most common non-woven foaming wallpaper on the market belongs to this category) based on plain paper, non-woven paper, and woven fabrics. The material is sprayed with PVC paste resin on the surface of the substrate, and then processed by processes such as printing and embossing. After this type of wallpaper is foamed, it can produce a strong three-dimensional effect, and can be made into a variety of realistic texture effects, such as imitation wood, imitation brocade, imitation tiles, etc., have a strong texture and better ventilation Sex, able to withstand the erosion of grease and moisture, can be used in the kitchen and bathroom, suitable for almost all home places.
(2), PVC plastic surface wallpaper (based on pure paper or fabric) (usually said that the PVC wallpaper mainly supports this kind of wallpaper) is a layer of pure wallpaper on the bottom layer (or non-woven paper, spinning cloth bottom layer) Polyvinyl chloride film, made by compounding, embossing, printing and other processes. This kind of wallpaper has fine print, good embossed texture, waterproof and moisture resistance, durable, easy maintenance. This kind of wallpaper is the most commonly used and widely used wallpaper at present, and can be widely used in all home and commercial places.
PVC wallpaper has a certain waterproof, easy construction. After surface contamination, wipe with a clean sponge or towel.
Non-woven paper wallpaper features and benefitsNon-woven paper wallpaper Non-woven paper products because of pure color, visual comfort, soft touch, sound-absorbing breathable, elegant and noble, is the first choice for high-end home decoration.
Non-woven paper wallpaper is more easily posted than ordinary wallpaper, more waterproof, not easy to quilt, no warping, seams intact, natural quality, aromatic fragrance, stylish style.
The non-woven paper wallpaper is one-piece, without paper base, and adopts advanced technology of direct printing and color printing. It is richer than the textile surface wallpaper pattern. It is a combination of noble and elegant classic pattern and simple and fashionable modern design style.
The lack of three wallpapers
Paper, now more popular also wallpaper material, the surface and the bottom of the paper are less contractile paper base composition, its advantages are rich colors, environmental protection, dust, can be personalized wallpaper performance. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to take care of, and the seam is relatively obvious compared to other wallpapers. Because it is a printed matter, more colors express the personality of homeowners, and most children's wallpapers use this material.
PVC wallpaper is a surface with a layer of high temperature processed plastic surface, the bottom layer is a paper base with a smaller shrinkage. Its advantages are easy care, wear-resistance and durability, the surface can be washed, with waterproof function, strong texture effect and rich hand feel. The disadvantage is that it is not a purely environmentally friendly product. It mainly refers to the problem of late recycling.
Non-woven paper wallpaper is made by pressing two layers of unprocessed cotton thread. Its advantages are environmental protection, breathability, moisture absorption, and warmth. The disadvantages are not easy to manage, monotonous colors, and texture-free feel. Generally used in bedrooms.

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