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Difference between non-woven and non-woven paper

Time:2018-04-20 15:36:07 Source: TianJinSheng

The difference between non-woven wallpaper and non-woven wallpaper mainly includes the following aspects:
1. Material Non-woven wallpaper is chemical fiber, material is equivalent to environmental protection shopping bag; non-woven paper wallpaper is a small amount of chemical fiber and plant fiber.
2. Relatively speaking, non-woven wallpaper is more environmentally friendly; because the material of high-grade non-woven paper wallpaper is basically wood, only recycled paper is used for environmental protection, but the use of recycled paper needs to consider what kind of waste paper.
3. The price of non-woven wallpaper is 30% lower than that of non-woven paper.
4. For the human body, non-woven wallpaper may be more harmful and have a long period of taste. It is more likely to cause illness in allergic people.
5. Pattern color Because of the different materials, the color of the same pattern on the two materials has a color difference of 20% because of their different water absorption.


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Add:East Section of Shifu Street, Xinji City, Hebei Province




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