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Shijiazhuang Tianjinsheng Non-woven Technology Co., Ltd.

Name:Wei Shuai Bing

TEL:+86 13811470676



Add:East Section of Shifu Street, Xinji City, Hebei Province

Shijiazhuang Tianjinyi Nonwoven Technology Co., Ltd. takes care of people's own development and the relationship between man and nature as the company's own code of conduct, and attaches importance to the rational thinking of science and technology and the humanities, life and nature, and we long for perfect integration with society and nature. . The actual actions of the company's operations are used to explain the unification between science and technology and humanities, to promote low-carbon environmental protection activities, and to become a qualified corporate citizen that the society expects.
Tianjin people deeply understand that the success of a company depends on the strong support of its customers. Therefore, the company always puts the interests of its clients first, and creatively puts forward a “win-win-win” marketing concept for the long-term development of Tianjinyi. Won the protection, Tianjinyi sincerely hopes to work together with you to create a new, high quality, environmentally friendly, green, energy-saving new life.
"Focusing on green technology and striving for energy-saving innovation"is the tireless pursuit of Tianjin people. In the future, Tianjin people will use the high-quality products and services of green,environmental protection, and science and technology to contribute the feelings of Tianjin people to the world.

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Add:East Section of Shifu Street, Xinji City, Hebei Province




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